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Manage any Sports Organization with Analyzer Software

The most complete Sports & Facilities Management ERP software on the market.  

Analyzer Software is used by some of the largest sports organizations in North America.

How does it work?

All large sports organizations mange their leagues and facilities differently taking advantage of regional differences.  Our software components are built with flexibility requiring very little customizatition to get our software working for you.


Our software comes with a full set of import/export functions and a full function API to quickly allow our software to integration with your organization.


The most time consuming job for large sports organizations is the scheduling of games.  Our fully automated Scheduler comes with dozens of advanced features allowing you to schedule exactly like you want.


Many sports organizations run old software and do the same thing year over year.  Our large set of features will open pandora's box and provide you with the tools to completely reimage how you run your Leagues.  

Running our software on the latest technologies

Our software was built from the ground up with the latest software technologies. We integrate our new features into the existing code base which provides a clean, consistent and easy to use interface.

Reinvent Your Organization With
Analyzer Software

Endless Features supporting the entire Organization

Create any type of League configuration with unlimited teams and divisions.  Our custom report writer provides you with the means to get access to any data you want in whatever format fits you best.  

Schedule Faster with
the Leading Sports Scheduling Platform

Schedules can be automatically or manually generated. With our automated scheduling, thousands of games can be generated in just a few minutes, matching teams to different locations, times, and dates.