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Enterprise League
Management Software

While our software can manage SMB customers, our architectural approach was with enterprise size sports organizations in mind.
  • Flexibility
  • Technology
  • Testing
  • Cloud
  • Support
  • Agile Dev

Unparalleled Flexibility

From generating reports, online forms, league setups, and registrations our software allows you unlimited ways to configure to meet your exact needs.

League Setup

Regardless of the kind of Leagues you run, our software will provide the flexibility to set them up like you want to.


Our automated Scheduling has dozen of customizable parameters so you can generate your schedules to match your leagues requirements.


Your Leagues can bill clubs/programs, teams or decide. Send out invoices, regular statements and end of the year reconciliation. 3rd party use for your facilities (practices, skills, events) can be managed alongside league finances.


Customizable roles allow you to decide who gets access to not only what features, but also what data and functions.


Written with one of the most popular javascript frameworks, giving you the megafast application speed only available in Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Single Page Application

Once you arrive at our admin site, your experience is loaded in your browser. We then make only small calls for data making the entire experience lightning fast!


Everything we run is host by AWS and architected with their best practices. Not only can you access our software from anywhere, but we are always up and running...7/24/365!

Your site or mine?

Flexibility to use our web site building tools to manage your web site content, or continue using what you already have and implement our content with state of the art Widgets.


We release new product updates quite frequently, but with our customers having their own data, we have limited resources to test with all. We provide you with a test region so that you can test any released update before we move to your production environment.

White Label

You have the relationship with your customers not us. We provide our software with no corporate Analyzer Software branding so that your customers are impressed by you, not us!

Cloud Backups

We don't take cloud resources for granted. While your data is stored redundantly, we also provide additional backups so that even during a catostrophic event, your data is safe.

Impressive Support

Providing support in any number of ways from phone calls and live chats to emails. Support isn't only about resolving problems but keeping your informed with regards to bug fixes and new feature requests.

Agile Development

New features are always on our roadmap mixed with customer requests and bug fixes. We prioritize these with you and ensure they get delivered in a timely manner.


We encourage you to provide feedback on all software components so we can constantly improve your experience.

Available all the Time

You need support when you are working with our software. We ensure that your requests are dealt with in a timely fashion, round the clock.