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Our software supports the entire sports management organization. To do this, we have continuously integrated components to create a feature set unsurpassed by any of our competitors.

League Setup

Leagues, Divisions, Teams

Unlimited number of setups with each league having customized divisions and teams. Finances, score reporting, registration can be customized by league.

Import Everything

New customers can import any current and historical data. Imports are validated and warnings/errors reported prior to committing to your database.

Team Registration

Clubs/Programs can use self service screens to provide a list of teams to register by division and levvel. League adminstrators can then construct divisions and process fees.

Link Teams

Link two or more teams together sharing players/coaches and through scheduling parameters, ensure that games are spaced appropriately.

Staff Registration

Registration of players/coaches can be constructed via our form builder to gather any information. Fees can be charged based on any user defined data.

Clubs Self Service

Through custom security profiles, allow your clubs/programs to update their data instead of funnelling everything through the league office.


Location Availability

Import or manually enter when your locations are available along with a number of properties to support scheduling and finances. This can be outsourced to clubs/programs that may be procurring facilities on your behalf.


Our calendaring supports entering location usage for 3rd party events and practices. In addition, calendar entries can be tied to our form builder allowing the selection of your facilities for any number of uses.

Manage Facilities

Location availability lends itself to running facilities reports so location managers know what events are running at what time. Using 3rd party locations? Purchase orders can be created once you know what you need.


Anything Possible

You never know what constraints a League will provide to it teams. Constraints can be defined at the league, division, club/program, team or location level. Black out whole days for tournaments or certain hours such as late hours for the younger players.

Self Service

100's of teams, that is a lot of constraints. Fortunately, many of our high intensity features, allow for you to outsource to your clubs/programs and teams. Provide them with logins and security restrictions will enable them to add constraints for only their teams. Turn that off once you begin scheduling.

Validate all the Time

Constraints are not just used for scheduling, but every feature that add or updates teams in a schedule will consult constraints and inform you what constraints are being violated. You always have the option to ignore constraints and proceed with updates.

Automated Scheduling

Generate matchups

Long gone are the days of scheduling simple round robin formats. Analyzer allows you to generate game matchups with teams playing any number of games, games vs teams in other divisions and games from multiple leagues.


Games are played at locations and the software needs to have a way to identify what locations are available and at what date and times. Our combination of calendar and imports allow for you to efficiently get that data ready for scheduling.


The more flexibility your league has around when teams play will ultimately determine how well your schedules are received. Analyzer Software allows unlimited constraints at the Team, Club/Program and League levels.


Analyzer Software's AI driven automated scheduler has a unique set of schedule settings that allow you to control how a schedule is measured in terms of "Goodness". Changing these settings will drive entirely different optimizations leading to the best schedules based on its perception of your settings.


Our Tournament Scheduler will generate single elimination, double elimination,etc knockout tournaments with similar flexibility. Create a round robin schedule first that feeds top teams into knockout brackets, with any number of teams. The scheduler takes travel and rest times into consideration as well as facility requirements for each portion of the tourney.

Simplified Publishing

What is more simple than "one-click"...pretty much nothing. Once you have generated your schedule, vetted it, optimized it, manually tweaked it...the last step is just to click the publish button and your games become Live. There are some heavier than normal security features around that, and the software always double checks that all constraints are being met, but nothing is more satisfying than showing your hard work to your Teams.



While we have numerous reporting options throughout the software, they may not carve up the data and present like you need. Our reportwriter can show data from practically any feature that stores data. You pick the parameters, columns, sorting and gouping and presto your have a report. These can be saved in your personal folder or shared with others.

Report Security

Sharing reports is an important feature and you can decide who to share with (by user or role). Report parameters can be made available or data such as teams, facilities, etc can be locked to only those in a users profile. Reports can be viewed in the reportwriter, or you can show links in a user navigation.


Reports are most secure within our admin website, but some data you may wish to share with public users on your website. Any report can be made into a widget and shown on any website. All reports can be printed as a PDF or exported in CSV format.


Role Based

Our software supports logins from admins, club/program reps, team managers and rink personnel. To manage this, we allow you to establish roles and attach to users. Role are defined to restrict access to any screen, restrict the data displayed on those screens and any of the functions performed on those screens.


Save time and effort by allowing logins to manage others. Roles are in a hierachy so that users can create and managed other users with roles under them in the hierachy. Data restrictions follow a similar approach so that new users do not have access to data which does not belong to them.

Multiple Roles

A user may be a coach on one team and a manager on another. Users can have any number of roles, some of which may have different restrictions. Therefore users will select a role after login and the software will construct security for that role. At any time, the user can switch to another role and a new security model is presented.



Bill for your leagues at the club/program, team or player level. Create forms to accept payments or send out PDF invoices via email and wait for the checks. Create invoices based on ice usage, registration, league play or any manual transaction.


If managing your own facilities, you can price any of your open location usage and via our form builder, create the ability for any 3rd party to search and purchase either the entire location or just a piece of it like signing up for ice hockey skills.


Have a large piece of your facility that you are renting out to a 3rd party user, the software will gather all the usage details, build a contract for you and email it to your customer with the ability for them to review and sign back if satisfied with the details.

Form Builder

Any Purpose in Mind

Obtaining data from users and web visitors is a critical function. Players register for leagues or teams, 3rd parties rent facilities, signup for tournaments and the list goes on. Our form builder allows for the building of almost any type of form to manage your organization. Forms can have multi-steps, field requirements and conditional logic.

Total Customization

Forms have a number of standard fields, name and address for example, but with the ability to add custom fields, you can collect any data you wish. Hook up your merchant account and payments can be taken. Custom fields can also be tied to pricing so as your users select certain fields, their final payment amount is adjusted.

Integrated Data

Form data is not just stored and forgotten about, it is integrated into the software. Taking player payments, it is tied to the League finances. Rent facilities, the calendar is updated with 3rd party information. Need more information, our bulk email feature can customize messaging and send out to form respondents.


Best for Last

The last feature on this page, is the most exciting. We have designed a suite of widgets to put on your website in order to show your customers all the hard work you have been putting into your leagues.

12 Different Widgets

Schedules, Standings, Rosters are 3 of 12 widgets we have built. All widgets come with tons of options so you can display your data on your website anyway you wish. You define what data is required and then customize how it is displayed.

Look and Feel

You have the ability to create custom widget formatting allowing widgets to match your site perfectly...really your customers will not even know the widgets are from somewhere else. We provide a number of css classes when displaying a widget so you can target any component and modify how it is displayed.


Our widgets are smart. When you place multiple widgets on a page, they know about one another and as you change data in one widget (like a team), the other widgets will automatically adjust their display to match. This allows for the setup of team pages with schedules, standings, rosters, etc.

Mobile Focus

Widgets will always display in the spaces you wish and expand or contract with different browser sizes, but on mobile devices, components like dropdowns, will use native html fields for ease of use, while on desktop browsers, custom components are used with advanced functionality.

Multi Language

Our software's interface is English, but any text (such as headings) displayed by a widget can be customize allowing widgets to be displayed in different languages. If you have a multilingual site, you can display the same widget in two different languages.