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Endless Possibilities With
Analyzer Software

Enhance your sports league management with our leading edge tools that optimize workflow for large organizations. Automated scheduling, facility management, cloud infrastructure, security and much more.

A Better Way
to Schedule

Our automated scheduler will take 1,000's of games and schedule at specific locations ensuring every constraint is met.

Save Time and Money

Scheduling 100's not to mention 1,000's of games, can be a daunting task and manually, options are very limited. Some organization will bring in representatives from each team to schedule, others spend many weeks trying to get it right. Automated scheduling can create schedules in minutes with better results than any manual schedule.

Reimagine your Leagues

Your teams all play 20 games a year because that is what you did last year. Last place teams are losing big, but there is no way to move them to a more competitive division. Teams complain that they play 3 games one week and none the next. Any of these sound familiar? With virtually no limits with our automated scheduler, your leagues can look innovative and more enticing than your competitors.


Typically Leagues will finish with a playoff tournament to crown a champion. Scheduling a single elimination tournament has a different set of conditions than regular season scheduling. Our automated and manual scheduling for tournaments takes these into consideration. Teams automatically move from regular season to playoff brackets and then move automatically through the playoffs.


Not only will a schedule be created in minutes, we offer a number of optimization choices to mold it into an ideal schedule. Leagues where you manage facilities, games can be adjusted to remove gaps or have similar divisions play one after another (important where different levels of officiating is required).

Checks and Balances

Automated scheduling finishes, how do you know how good it is? What teams got a great schedule and which...not so much. You decide how to score a schedule for goodness and the software will provide details for each team. You can then focus your efforts on those teams. You may loosen or tighten constraints and the software will automatically report on what games violated what constraint.

Manual tools because...

Ok, so in a schedule with 1,000 games and 1,000 locations (and we can typically schedule all games) the number of possible combinations is a number with 2,568 digits...that is big. So we don't have enough computing power (neither does the entire earth) to try all the combinations. Once we do our best job, we expect some manual tweaking will be required. Our manual tools are some of the most sophisticated, providing options that ensure all constraints are adhered to.

Tools to Manage Workflow
from Start to End

After a long off-season (sometimes not all that long) you start putting together plans for the current season. You get teams, players, schedules, record games, cancel games, reschedule games, invoice players/teams/clubs, take payments, chase down payments, generate play-offs, crown a champion(s), do a final financial wrap-up and close out the year. Analyzer Software has tools to help you through this journey and make it as easy as possible.

Workflow Automation

Managing schedule changes are a necessity, and the easier the better. Our automated workflows allow you to reschedule games and have the software send out the appropriate emails and record responses...everyone ok with the change? We will make it live and notify the appropriate personnel. Someone has an issue, you will be immediately notified and the changes are on hold until the issue is resolved.

Machine Learning
and Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning algorithms continuously learn from our scheduling outcomes and we use that to feedback into future scheduling runs. By analyzing the success and shortcomings of past schedules, our machine learning alogorithms refine schedules to better meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Application Infrastructure

Our software sits on top of a solid cloud foundation with AWS. We have implemented best practices to ensure that our software is at your beckon call all the time. Load balancing and auto scaling essure that if your web sites get extremely busy, we can manage the traffic no problem. We use blue/green deployments so that you are never offline even during software updates. We keep our servers fully patched and up-to-date with the latest software versions.

Fully Integrated

Security is our top concern with regards to your data. Using AWS best practices, we ensure that no server breach will occur based on any negligence. On the admin interface, we have a complete security role model so that users are provided access to exacly and only the features and data that you wish to provide access to. Our security model can be configured down to fine grain elements such as button clicks.

Packed With Enterprise Features
Your Team Will Love

Unparalleled Flexibility

From generating reports, online forms, league setups, registrations our software allows you unlimited ways to configure to meet you exact needs.

Latest Technology

Our software is written with one of the most popular javascript frameworks, giving you the megafast application speed only available in Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Testing Environment

All our customers have their own data and not every update can be tested against all data sets. Analyzer Software will set up your own testing region so you can review any change before we move it to your production environment.

Cloud Storage

Running in the cloud does not mean you are immune from hardware issues. We ensure all data from uploaded images to database records are stored in cloud resources and backed up. We can replace our entire server farm in minutes without the loss of any data.


We ensure that your staff are well trained on the us of our extensive functionality. Our support team is then always your fingertips through the use of Teamworks.

Agile Development

We run an extremely agile shop allowing us to deliver new features at a lightning pace. We accept all feature requests and only in extremely rare instances would our customers pay extra for their implementation.